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Quotes of Encouragement for Losing Weight




Losing weight is a battle for most people and discouragement comes easy. Below are a few of our favorite quotes of encouragement to help you win the battle for the waistline.
Quotes of Encouragement # 1
The Little Thinks in Life
It's the little things in life that make us who we are. Daily patterns and quirks turn into habits and habits turn into lifestyle. Make good use of your time, exercise often and eat more fruits and veggies.
     ~ Editor, Diet Forum
Quotes of Encouragement # 2
Do you realize that losing weight demands faith? Faith is trusting that a certain desired out-come will happen. Without faith, losing weight is impossible. Though you CAN'T see the immediate RESULT of all your efforts, you must believe that in due time the weight will come off. 
 Strive everyday to eat properly and exercise. Don't get discourage because some days don't turn out like you expect. Concentrate each and every day on doing what you know is right and let the OUT-COME TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. 
                ~ Editor, Diet Forum
Quotes of Encouragement # 3

Excess fat is stored energy waiting to be used. It's our job to find ways to GRADUALLY burn that reserve storage so the body doesn't feel deprived or threaten. If the body feels deprived, it will strike back with massive hunger attacks while slowing down the metabolism.  So never starve yourself to lose weight.

                ~ Editor, Diet Forum
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